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Epsilon Chapter

Our Mission

The mission of Beta Sigma Psi is to promote an organization of communicant Lutheran men who recognize that life rooted with Christ in God is the only true goal of human existence, and who, therefore, foster, encourage, and inspire activities and relationships which promote this end.

Our Purpose

Beta Sigma Psi provides an environment in which members can grow spiritually, scholastically, and socially. Through its alumni and undergraduate leadership, Beta Sigma Psi strives to:

  • Develop Character

  • Develop Intellectual Awareness

  • Develop Spiritual Welfare

  • Develop Brotherhood

  • Develop Integrity

  • Promote Friendship

  • Advance Justice

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Our Values

There are three S's in Beta Sigma Psi (and an unofficial fourth), each representing an important part of our lives as members of this fraternity. The Three (four) S's are Spiritual, Scholastic, Social, and Service. (More)

There are four pillars of Beta Sigma Psi, each representing a vital and important base from which we can more fully realize our Three S's as brothers. These pillars are Faith, Loyalty, Service, and Brotherhood. Each pillar is essential for Beta Sigma Psi to function and fulfill its mission. Associate members learn more about our values and their roles in the lives of Beta Sig.

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