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Epsilon Chapter

Dear Parents,

When you send your son off to college, there are undoubtedly questions and nervousness.   With ISU enrollment at around 30,000 people, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed.   Beta Sigma Psi offers its members a family-like setting where they can have the freedom to pave their path to graduation, but be able to have a rock of support around them.   Our Fraternity encourages young men to develop their Christian faith, support their academic endeavors and make a large circle of friends - many of whom will go on to be life-long friends.   

We understand that you are extremely invested in the success of your son's college career, which is why our alumni employ two adult staff to monitor the fraternity house on a daily basis.  At a time when most fraternities have strayed away from adult supervision, Beta Sigma Psi is in the unique position of having a House Mother, Jeanette La Grange, who we affectionately call "Mom Jet.", and our house Chef Dawn Retallick.  With their oversight and guidance, our chapter has been able to achieve greatness in not only grades, awards, and recognition, but by having a fully-rounded college experience at Beta Sigma Psi.  Both Mom Jet and Dawn embody the experience and life-lessons that they are able to share with us as they, like our alumni, serve as our mentors and friends by challenging us to be better men and relate to us the importance of our relationship with one another, our community, and Christ.

If your son chooses to join our fraternity, you will have the opportunity to get involved with our Parents Club.   The group aides with improvement projects at the chapter house, such as renovating the deck of the chapter house hand-in-hand with members of the chapter and alumni organizations.  The Parent's Club also funds purchases, and organizes events such as Family weekends in the Fall and Father-Son weekends in the Spring.  For decades now, we are very thankful to have the enduring support of the Parent's Club, who have continued to make Beta Sigma Psi a better place for their sons to live.

-Beta Sigma Psi

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