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Epsilon Chapter

Jake Vanderslice.png

Alumni Board President

Jake Vanderslice

Leads alumni initiatives, preserving fraternity traditions and connections.

David Beagley.png

Pastoral Advisor

David Beagley

Provides spiritual guidance and support to fraternity members.

Dr. Donald Beitz.png

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Donald Beitz

Offers guidance and support to fraternity, facilitating collaboration and alignment with university objectives.

Dawn Retallick.png

House Chef

Dawn Retallick

Creates delicious meals for fraternity members, fostering a sense of home.

Caleb Mueller.png

Caleb Mueller

Recruitment Advisor

Oversees recruitment activities to attract new members.

Bob Anderson.png

Community Advisor

Bob Anderson

Guides fraternity in community engagement and service initiatives.

Jeanette La Grange.png

House Mom

Jeanette La Grange

Offers nurturing support and maintains a welcoming atmosphere within the fraternity house.

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