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Epsilon Chapter

  • Who is eligible to receive a Scholarship?
    All undergraduate members of Beta Sigma Psi Epsilon Chapter who are in good standing with the Fraternity
  • What types of projects and trips will get funded?
    The purpose of this fund is to support mission-focused activities - all in the name of Jesus Christ. This may include helping build an orphanage, natural disaster relief efforts, evangelism, etc. There are many considerations when determining what activities get funded and how much financial support is provided: Fundraising outside of BSY Mission Fund is strongly encouraged Percentage of time spent on mission work Percentage of funds being directly used for mission How big of an impact may this have on the individual requesting the grant Total cost of the mission trip
  • Are there any requirements upon receiving a grant?
    We would ask that all recipients provide some type of media (videos, picture, blogs, presentation) after their trip is complete. Donors typically like to know where their money is going and it is a great way to reflect on Gods work in later years. Additionally, the provided media will assist in encouraging others to go on Missions Trips in the future.
  • Are Alumni willing to help in other ways?
    Absolutely! We are here not only to support financially, but also spiritually. Many of the members of the board have also planned and organized both small and large trips.
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