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Epsilon Chapter

Darryl Jahn Memorial Scholarship

Each year since 1996, the Ames Alumni Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi have offered the Darryl Jahn Memorial Scholarship to incoming Lutheran men who are enrolled to attend Iowa State University. During that time, we have awarded over $50,000 to the two or three applicants each year who best exemplify the purposes and ideals of Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. They have led their high schools academically, in sporting teams, their churches, and philanthropic endeavors. They have been leaders in their communities, churches, high schools, and organizations when they were called upon, which is why the scholarship is named after our fraternity’s alumnus, the late Darryl Jahn.

Darryl Jahn joined the fraternity in 1959 as it was starting its 10th year at Iowa State. It was a trying time as the chapter was in need of better housing for their members. It was at that time that the Ames Alumni Board found the chapter better housing but not the best, which became Darryl’s personal challenge in later years. After graduation, Darryl decided to join the Ames Alumni Board of Beta Sigma Psi to help out the undergraduate members in anyway possible and it was an alumnus that he became the connecting glue that united many generations of Beta Sigs from his chapter. He is Beta Sigma Psi – Epsilon Chapter most highly decorated member of the National Fraternity as he is one of the 18 alumni and honorary members to be awarded the Lienemann Award, the fraternity’s highest honor in over 77 years since the fraternity was established.

Darryl served as President of the Ames Alumni Board from 1972 until 1990. The Ames Alumni Board’s greatest achievement during his tenure as President was the construction of the chapter house at 223 Lynn Avenue. Due to this move, the house was now in a closer location to campus and conveniently located near to both Memorial Lutheran Church and University Lutheran Center. The new chapter house was ready for occupancy in April of 1986 after 10 years of planning. Without the leadership and foresight of Darryl Jahn, Epsilon Chapter would have remained at the property on 158 North Hyland and eventually would have most likely folded due to the physical condition of the property. For his foresight, the Library of the Chapter House is named the Darryl Jahn Library in his honor.

Darryl Jahn worked at Farm Bureau for 33 years and had risen to become the Director of the Communications Division. Publication of the Farm Bureau Spokesman, production of radio programming, development of the Farm Bureau internet website, and other public affairs programming were included in Darryl’s duties. Darryl passed away on Saturday, November 30, 2002. He was 64 years old and was only three months away from retirement. Darryl devoted the greater part of his adult life to Epsilon Chapter and Beta Sigma Psi. Generations of Epsilon Alumni admire the long years of service given unselfishly by Darryl and appreciate his efforts towards our last residence at 223 Lynn Avenue, which was possible due to Darryl’s love for Beta Sigma Psi. It is in Darryl Jahn’s memory that we have named our scholarship after him because of his great service towards Epsilon Chapter and Beta Sigma Psi. Thank you to Darryl and his family for everything that they have done for the fraternity.

Past Recipients:

2023 - Harrison Ahlrichs from Anamosa, IA; Carsyn Leistikow; Oliver Louden 

2022 - Hayden Moore from Northwood, IA; Marcus Barker from Marshalltown, IA; Spencer Clifton from Altoona, IA

2021 - Aiden Meseck from Charter Oak, IA; Nicholas Rhoads from Des Moines, IA; Eric Sibenaller from Odebolt, IA

2020 – Ryan Ungs from Boone, Iowa; Isaiah Walsh from Maquoketa, Iowa; Erik Gerdts from St. Ansgar, Iowa ($2,000 each)
2019 – Jarrett Loseke from Gowrie, Iowa; Daniel Feldt from West Des Moines, Iowa ($2,000 each)
2018 – Tyler Kumsher from Garner, Iowa; AJ Gambill from Leawood, Kansas ($2,000 each)
2017 – Charlie Magee from Dunkerton, IA; Cameron Johnson from Wellsburg, IA; Alexander Hopkins ($1,500 each)
2016 – Michael Flanscha from Cedar Falls, IA; Austin Rico; Matthew Schroeder ($1,500 each)
2015 – Caleb Larison from Gilbert, IA; Nathan Kimle from La Porte City, IA ($1,500 each)
2014 – Spencer Betts from Cedar Falls, IA; Michael Nelson from St. Charles, IL; Michael Tupper ($1,500 each)
2013 – Zak Sievers; Landon Schulteis from Greenfield, IA; Dan Jacobi from West Des Moines, IA ($1,500 each)
2012 – Beau Easley from Waukee, IA; Jason Huper from Wells, MN; Mark Rippke from MoVille, IA (1,500 each)
2011 – Joel Rees from Marshalltown, IA; Ryan Smelser from Macon, MO; Brandon Trent from Cedar Rapids, IA ($1,500 each)
2010 – Nick Cabeen from Clarinda, IA; Michael Phillips from Pocahontas, IA ($2,000 each)
2009 – Jarred Schubert from Rockford, IA; Daniel Stiner of Iowa Falls, IA. ($1,000 each)
2008 – Tyler Olson from Story City, IA; Stephen Quist from Davenport, IA ($1,000 each)
2007 – Jeff Colton from Cedar Rapids, IA; Dusty Gutzmann from NE ($1,000 each)
2006 – Two Scholarships ($750 each)
2005 – Terry Fett from IA; Taylor Hopper ($750 each)
2004 – Kevin Halsey from IA; Ryan Rasmussen ($750 each)
2003 – Dave Jack; Andrew Sprung ($750 each)
2002 – Ryan Beck; Bryant Polzin ($750 each)
2001 – Michael Fleisher; Adam White ($500 each)

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