The House

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This house located on 2132 Sunset Dr. in Ames, Iowa was acquired in 2010. In the heart of the Greekland, our home is immersed in the Sorority and Fraternity community. The mortgage for the property was paid off in 2017, meaning that the Ames Alumni Board of Beta Sigma Psi at Iowa State University owns the property. This also means that all rent paid by residents goes directly towards paying the bills, improvements to the chapter facility, and funding endeavors that benefit the undergraduate members in ways such as scholarships, brotherhood events, and leadership growth opportunities.

The in house experience of Beta Sigma Psi leads to a more fulfilling and successful collegiate career. Benefits of living in house include: unlimited printing, 24/7 access to the kitchen, 11 hot meals per week + unlimited access to leftovers and breakfast foods, in house movie theater with cable and house Xbox, grand piano, basketball court, and free parking. Living in house is a unique experience because of the strong brotherhood bond that is instilled in our members. Whether it be a late night fast food run after a long chapter meeting, watching a movie in the T.V. room, or getting a group of the guys all together to play some pickup basketball, living in house makes it easier to enrich your fraternity experience. Another benefit of living in our home is having older members around. Senior members are a great resource to have when you need help studying, picking classes, help running for a position, or you just need someone who has some college and Beta Sigma Psi experience.