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We are very fortunate to have had the strong support of the Ames Alumni Chapter since our beginning days at Iowa State University. We enjoy a strong relationship with our alumni organization, which has allowed us to grow stronger during the past decade when several other chapters have fallen.

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Huge congratulations to the men of Beta Sigma Psi! 🎊

The active members of Beta Sig had the highest active member GPA amongst all IFC fraternities here at Iowa State, and the chapter as a whole placed 2nd amongst all IFC fraternities for the highest house GPA!

Hard work pays off! 👍🏼
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As Iowa State’s VP of community service and Beta Sig’s current active recruitment chair, Brady Green spent last weekend attending the AFLV conference in Indianapolis, spending time with fellow leaders of Iowa State Greek Community! We love having our guys involved in one of the best Greek communities in the country! ... See MoreSee Less

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Beta Sigma Psi - Epsilon Chapter

Last night we had a great time at our ping pong tournament social! ... See MoreSee Less

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About Us

Beta Sigma Psi, the National Lutheran College Fraternity, was founded in 1925 with the purpose of providing an environment in which the Lutheran college man can grow Spiritually, Scholastically, and Socially. Since 1949, Epsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi has been home to more than 1000 students of Iowa State University and continues to house more than 50 students annually.

Beta Sigma Psi provides the Lutheran man with the unique experience of being part of a brotherhood driven to succeed Spiritually, Scholastically, and Socially while firmly rooted in the bedrock of Christian faith.


Coming to college I never thought joining a fraternity would be something I would pursue until I found a Christian brotherhood that welcomed me with open arms. Throughout my time at Beta Sig I have far surpassed my friendship, leadership, and spiritual goals and I cannot wait for the future!

Alex Retallick