How To Join

The first step in joining Beta Sigma Psi is contacting our recruitment chairs. They're individual contact information can be found below or you can contact them both at The recruitment chairs are the men entrusted by the rest of the fraternity to seek out the future members of Beta Sigma Psi. After you have contacted them, they will want to get together with you in order to meet you and see if Beta Sigma Psi is right for you. Although we believe we are an excellent organization for Lutheran men to be a part of during their college experience, we recognize not everyone is meant to be part of a fraternity. However, we will try to help anyone who wants to become a part of the Greek Community find his place in it.

Once meeting the recruitment chairs, they will tell you more about the process of joining a fraternity. After joining, they will tell you how to break your dorm contract and answer any other questions you have about being a member of the fraternity.

Our recruitment chairmen can be contacted with questions or for information at:

Alex Retallick

(515) 460-9259

Justin Jones

(515) 494-7577

If you prefer, you can alternatively fill out the form below:

After moving in and meeting over 50 new Christian men, I realized this fraternity wasn’t a house to live in, but a home to grow in.
Joel Pudenz