Mission Fund – Make a Donation


Thank you for considering a contribution to the Mission Fund. InFaith Community Foundation is our Christian affiliated financial partner. They receive donations into a Donor Advised Fund - meaning you automatically get a tax-deductible receipt and the Mission Fund can allocate Mission Funding at a later date. When giving, please use our reference number below.

Beta Sigma Psi Epsilon Alumni Fund - #158141


Give Online - ACH Bank Transfer or Credit Card

You can make a one-time or recurring gift by bank transfer or credit card to any fund at InFaith using our online form at InFaithFound.org. Charitable gifts made by electronic fund transfer (EFT) will result in a 0.5% processing fee prior to deposit into the fund. Gifts by credit card incur a $0.45 processing fee plus 2.75% of each gift (3.5% for AMEX) prior to deposit into the fund. These fees are separate from InFaith Community Foundation.

Give Now


Please make checks payable to InFaith Community Foundation and include 158141 - Beta Sigma Psi Epsilon Alumni Fund on the memo line and send to:

InFaith Community Foundation

625 Fourth Ave. S., Suite 1500

Minneapolis, MN 55415.

Wire Transfer

To send gifts by wire transfer, please direct your bank/financial institution with the following information:
Bank Name: Thrivent Federal Credit Union, Appleton, Wisconsin 54919-0004
ABA Routing: 075972147
Account Number: 0300090198
Account Name: InFaith Community Foundation, FBO 158141 - Beta Sigma Psi Epsilon Alumni Fund

Please alert InFaith of any wire transfer gifts by first calling InFaith.

Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

To make a gift of stock or mutual fund assets, please call InFaith. We will provide specific instructions based on the following:

  • Stock held by a brokerage firm, bank or other financial institution
  • Stock held by a company with a transfer agent
  • Stock or mutual funds to be transferred from an account at Thrivent Financial
  • Stock held in paper certificates

The estimated time to complete your gift is dependent on how it’s held. If you’re unclear about how your stock is held, please call us for assistance with related paperwork (statement and/or report) in hand. While there is typically no cost associated with the transfer of stock or mutual funds to InFaith Community Foundation, there is a nominal fee incurred when InFaith liquidates the transferred assets. These charges are deducted from proceeds of the stock or mutual fund sale/liquidation and do not reduce your charitable deduction.

More Info: