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About the Fund

Over the years, several men of Beta Sigma Psi at Iowa State have been on mission trips, served as Sunday School teachers, and led bible studies. We believe these opportunities are important in becoming a man of God. You may have a particular memory or experience that made a huge impact on your own life. We want to ensure future Beta Sigs get the same opportunity as we had. 

Unfortunately, money can be tight during the college years. As alumni, we want to help remove those barriers. We want to give our active members both encouragement and financial support for mission trips, because spiritual development and promoting godly service is more important than money.

That's why we started the Mission Fund.



The vision of this Mission Fund:

  • Established and sustained by generous support through donations
  • Funds for mission trips are requested by active members through an application process
  • Alumni board reviews requests and allocates funding
  • Ultimately, we want to see Beta Sigs make a difference in both the community and the world while growing in their walk with Christ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to receive a Scholarship?

All undergraduate members of Beta Sigma Psi Epsilon Chapter who are in good standing with the Fraternity

Q: What types of projects and trips will get funded?

The purpose of this fund is to support mission-focused activities - all in the name of Jesus Christ. This may include helping build an orphanage, natural disaster relief efforts, evangelism, etc. There are many considerations when determining what activities get funded and how much financial support is provided:

  • Fundraising outside of BSY Mission Fund is strongly encouraged
  • Percentage of time spent on mission work
  • Percentage of funds being directly used for mission
  • How big of an impact may this have on the individual requesting the grant
  • Total cost of the mission trip

Q: Are there any requirements upon receiving a grant?

We would ask that all recipients provide some type of media (videos, picture, blogs, presentation) after their trip is complete.  Donors typically like to know where their money is going and it is a great way to reflect on Gods work in later years.  Additionally, the provided media will assist in encouraging others to go on Missions Trips in the future.

Q: Why are we using In Faith Community Foundation?

InFaith provides us with a professionally managed tax deductible fund for a small fee

Q: What are the associated costs with donations?

Donations have the following processing fees associated with them:

Type of Donation Fee Minimum Donation Comments
Check None Suggest $200, but will accept any donation. Please make checks payable to InFaith Community Foundation and include the "158141 - Beta Sigma Psi Epsilon Alumni Fund" on the memo line and send to InFaith Community Foundation, 625 Fourth Ave. S., Suite 1500, Minneapolis, MN 55415.
Wire Transfer None Suggest $200, but will accept any donation. To send gifts by wire transfer, please direct your bank/financial institution with the following information:
Bank Name: Thrivent Federal Credit Union, Appleton, Wisconsin 54919-0004
ABA Routing: 075972147
Account Number: 0300090198
Account Name: InFaith Community Foundation, FBO 158141 - Beta Sigma Psi Epsilon Alumni Fund
Give Online – ACH Bank Transfer or Credit Card Gifts by credit card incur a $0.45 processing fee plus 2.75% of each gift (3.5% for AMEX) prior to deposit into the fund. These fees are separate from InFaith Community Foundation. $200 You can make a one-time or recurring gift by bank transfer or credit card to any fund at InFaith using our online form at Charitable gifts made by electronic fund transfer (EFT) will result in a 0.5% processing fee prior to deposit into the fund.

More info can be found at Make A Gift

Q: What happens to the funds if the scholarship ends or is not successful?

In the event that the Mission Fund is no longer able to continue, all funds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa (based out of Ames)

Q: How is documentation (receipts) shared with donors?

All financial info is managed by In Faith Financial and depending on the method of donation, we may have access to your name, address, and amount donated.

Q: Is the fund here to grow or will you focus on giving?

At the present time the board’s desire is to give out as many grants as possible as opposed to keeping money around for the fund to grow.  In the future the board may re-evaluate the possibilities for keeping a minimum in the fund to allow for financial growth and the continuation of the scholarship.

Q: Are you guys willing to help in other ways?

Absolutely! We are here not only to support financially, but also spiritually.  Many of the members of the board have also planned and organized both small and large trips.

The Mission Fund Alumni Board

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Joe Eisenbacher

I have lots of great memories at Beta Sig: serving as a Sunday school and confirmation teacher at Memorial Lutheran Church, traveled Iowa and some of Nebraska as Recruitment Chair, going on a mission trip with six Beta Sigs to South Africa, winning Lip Sync during Greek Week, talking about Jesus with international students, and meeting my wife.

Dusty Gutzmann

Serving with the men of Beta Sigma Psi on various trips and projects has helped to shape me into the Christian Man I am today.  As a former chapter president and recruitment chair, my prayer is that god will use this fund to make fraternity stronger and encourage others to serve the Lord.

Stephen Bowers

My time at Beta Sig has forever shaped my life and still influences my daily life today. Some of the most memorable experiences range from small activities, like helping the local food pantry or being a grade school student mentor, to large activities like a mission trip which included traveling with six Beta Sig's to South Africa to help start an Orphanage for an organization based in Iowa.

Terry Fett

Serving with Beta Sigma Psi during college and after has shaped my life in a very positive way. Beta Sigma Psi presented me with unique opportunities that helped me grow spiritually as well instilled a work ethic and values that continue to drive me today. My experiences with mentoring younger kids, holding executive positions in the house, participating in the church, working with several philanthropies, and attending retreats and mission trips were incredibly gratifying and I hope the tradition can be continued through alumni support and recognition.

Austin Laugen

Beta Sig had a huge impact on me during my time in college, and continues to do so today.  I was an only child, and Beta Sig gave me the brothers I never had.  The house developed me through a variety of challenges and leadership opportunities, but also helped me recognize the importance of serving others.  Since graduating I've remained very active in both my community mission opportunities abroad.  Service changes your life as much or more than the people you're serving, and I love the opportunity to enable that experience for others

Jarred Schubert

As a post graduate, I have come to realize Beta Sigma Psi has had a profound impact on my views of service and giving back to the community. I continue to be active in my church along with finding volunteer opportunities around my local area. While an undergrad, I undertook a few smaller missions trips with other Beta Sigs and want to help ensure all current members are able to find similar opportunities to grow in faith and brotherhood.

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